Welcome To Asia

The continent of Asia is comprised of twenty-six different countries, each with their own unique history. The people of Southeast Asia for example have had a diverse religious culture; they were at one time Hindu then later became Buddhists. Presently you’ll find a combination of Buddhists and Muslims that reside there.

Central Asia was under Soviet rule for seventy years and Korea is the second largest sending base for missionaries in the world. While the Gospel is making small inroads into this continent there is still much work to be done. Presently you'll find Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims and the non-religious residing in Asia.

The great task in Asia is to send workers there who will live and serve long term in order to bring the gospel to the millions of unreached people living here. The Asian church is rising up to this exact challenge and we have the unique privilege of working together with them to finish the task of reaching the thousands of least reached people groups with the gospel.

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